Today, on the occasion of Teachers day, it is necessary to salute our teachers by remembering their importance and contribution to humanity’s overall development. In today’s technology-dominated era, the description of the glory of the teachers is more relevant as the Teacher Disciple tradition is gradually coming to an end. Nevertheless, teachers are and will always be worthy of worship. Guru is Brahma; Guru is Vishnu; Guru is almighty.

The teacher or Guru has had unparalleled glory in Indian culture. In our ancient texts, the teacher is described as the best. Even in the works of Maharishi Vedvyas and Balmiki, the majestic kings and warriors were known and addressed by the name of gurus. Let him be a timeless emperor like Lord Ram, a timeless and invincible warrior like Bhishma Pitamaha, Emperor Chandragupta, Emperor Akbar, world winner Alexander, or master blaster Sachin Tendulkar; their life becomes irrelevant without their teachers. It is the teacher who infuses the spirit of humanity in our bodies. It is the teacher who makes us emperors, world champions, scientists, and social reformers. A teacher tells us the difference between good and evil. The Guru also provides us with the discipline and confidence to fight and conquer.

A teacher is not just a teacher; a teacher is a guru, a guardian, a preacher, a coach, a trainer, a master, and an actual counselor. The teacher can be of any character, religion, profession, and age. Every person who has taught us something knowingly or unknowingly is our teacher. Today, technology has largely realized the dream of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which also helps in getting knowledge virtually. Sometimes we gain knowledge without meeting anyone personally. Sometimes a few lines from a famous writer’s book touch our hearts. Sometimes acts and dialogues of a film give us the knowledge of life. In such cases, those writers and directors who have impacted us are also our teachers. There have been many learned saints and writers in our country like Sant Kabir, Rahim Kavi, Sant Ravidas, Surdas whose works teach us the values of life. All such saints and scholars who have influenced our mind, heart, and personality even at the slightest are our teachers.

In today’s materialistic world, when education and knowledge have been commercialized, true teachers are still in existence. There have been and will continue to be many teachers in our country who have guided their disciples without any selfishness. As the son of a teacher, I have seen and lived the tradition of guru-disciple very closely during my early and secondary education. However, as I moved towards higher education, I found that tradition to be attenuated. Even during business and employment, you find many gurus and mentors who guide you to make you highly skilled in your profession.

A few days ago, I was discussing the Teacher Disciple tradition with my Guru. He acknowledged the decline in tradition. He said, “In your time, we used to go to teach with full preparation because our disciples were curious and ready to learn. They were inspiring us for thorough knowledge by showing their deepest interest. Now disciples are not concerned that much; hence we also wait for the school to be discharged. We have to keep the Guru Shishya tradition intact for both the disciple and the Guru for the salvation of personal, national, and humanity’s interests. This will be the true resolution of Guru Purnima.

Written by Prabhat Sinha – Amazon Bestseller Author of “Innovate & Seize Your Success.”