Prabhat Sinha is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an international speaker. He has over 15 years of work experience managing complex projects and operating organizations on an international scale. Prabhat has helped several individuals and organizations in materializing their innovative ideas with productivity tips and guidance towards reaching their goals.

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Entrepreneurship Development


We cover end to end consulting to Businesses and Corporates all across the glove. Our consulting services includes –

1. Business Consulting – Business Setup, Registration, Operations, Client Acquisition.

2. IT Project Management Consulting – Discovery, Project Implementations, Contingent Support,  Delivery.

3. IT Product Management – Product Discovery, Product Development, Product Marketing. 

4. Agile Implementations – Gap Analysis, Right Agile Methodology, Transitioning, Implementation.

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Right skill and experience always help with overall improvement. Our coaching programs are given below –

1. Productivity Coaching – Extensive training to use right tools and techniques to boost individual and corporate productivity. 

2. Innovation Coaching – A coaching program targeted to mix innovation is everything you do. 

3. Agile Mindset Coaching – Learn Agile concepts and change your mindset to think differently and positively. 

4. Entrepreneurship Coaching – Learn how you can take your ideas to the masses and monetize it.

5. Sales Coaching – Learn to sell anything to a large segment. 


Sometimes you need someone influential to motivate and encourage your team, students, employees and peers. Even in some events you invite keynote speakers. Prabhat has extensive speaking experience on diverse topics. Prabhat’s speeches are highly intuitive and motivating. You can feel free to invite Prabhat as Keynote speaker or speaker at your events. 

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurs around the glove are thriving to make the world a better place for living. I help entrepreneurs in initiating their presence. In my long career, I realized entrepreneurs are available everywhere. We just need to groom them and facilitate with basic necessities. I help entrepreneurs in taking the first step firmly. 

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