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“Prabhat Sinha is an entrepreneur, an Agile project management expert, a philanthropist, and an international speaker. He has over 15 years of work experience managing complex projects and operating organizations on an international scale.”

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Currently, Prabhat heads the global operations of a renowned IT MNC. He also heads the technical innovation committee of Emerging Business Chamber of Commerce (EBCC), a non-profit entrepreneurship development organization. Prabhat has worked extensively on rural development and has won accolades for his philanthropic initiatives.

Business Consulting
Entrepreneurship Development
Productivity Coaching


Productivity & Innovation Expert.

Share your productivity issues and get best solutions.

Business Consulting

Running business smoothly is always a challenge. You may be master of few skills but you after starting your business you will actually realize about other important stuffs of business. My Business Consulting services are custom built for all such businesses that need urgent help. 

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurs around the glove are thriving to make the world a better place for living. I help entrepreneurs in initiating their presence. In my long career, I realized entrepreneurs are available everywhere. We just need to groom them and facilitate with basic necessities. I help entrepreneurs in taking the first step firmly. 

Productivity Coaching

Sometimes you are clueless about the things and happenings around you. You feel inferior and backward in the race. You want to do something important but don’t know how to start. Sometimes you got the initial success but don’t know how to sustain it and move to the next level. Come join me for one to one Productivity Coaching.  

A Proud Author

“Innovate & Seize Your Success” is the first book as Author for Prabhat. In this book, Prabhat has compiled some of the productivity mantras he lives by and which have helped him wear so many hats as a speaker, entrepreneur, and social worker while living a fulfilling personal life.

Top reviews from worldwide 

Innovate & Seize Your Success: Boost Your Productivity to Innovate and make Success Predictable 

I was looking for a good book on productivity and luckily found this book after some search. This book takes you through all the required ingredients of Productivity.I made a lot of notes and will always keep the book handy.


It’s an excellent book to boost productivity. The flow of book is planned sensibly to give a fair idea of what to do and what to ignore. The Productivity Roadblock section is thought-provoking.

Nikhil Chaudhary

After reading the book ‘You can win’ I became it’s fan and would read it daily. This book has similar content with many suggestions and solutions picked up from around us, from real life. I have to read this daily now..

Rewati r.

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